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Using QR Codes As A Part Of Your Advocacy Program

QR codes, the typical pixelated black and white prints are popping up everywhere: on magazines, bottle caps, products and even walls and windows.

So, exactly what are these and how can you employ QR codes in your very own advocacy campaign?

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QR Codes In Your Very Own Advocacy Campaign

What are QR Codes?

  • They stand for Quick Response
  • Are 2 dimensional bar codes
  • They can be easily read by an optical machine and are labels that behold information of the product.

The QR code basically acts as visual shorthand for the web addresses. The code can be copied and printed on any material and then decoded to obtain the information required.


Why QR Codes are beneficial?

  • Fast readability
  • Greater storage capacity
  • Effortless and quick access to brand’s website
  • Engage customers in an interactive experience than the otherwise stock-still one
  • Connects objects of real world to the online market
  • Can be placed anywhere

As the market is advancing so is the need to advance the means to lure end users.


What to be sure before you use QR codes in advocacy program?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that if your audience has the knowledge about QR codes. If yes, then how would you attract more potential customers to add them to your existing lot? And if no, then how would you make people aware of the QR coding system.

This can be summarized as:

  • Awareness among people about QR codes
  • People need to have a smart phone which can scan QR codes


Opportunities you can make use of whilst using QR codes

  • Ultra personalized experiences for your customer
  • Social media check-in
  • Connection exchanges
  • Bringing online as well as the offline customers all under one roof


Using types of QR codes

Though QR codes have been only read as black design on a white, with advancing technology the form of the otherwise monochromatic QR codes has been gradually improvising to give you colorful QR codes in different kinds of shapes. By using your own creativity, QR codes can be personalized and customized in accordance with your own advocacy campaign. They are unique and catchy, yet are easily accessible.


The downside of QR code advocacy

Many a times there are incidents wherein the internet connection is slow, causing a delay in uploading the website which is contained in the coding. Certain smart phones come with inbuilt scanners which make it convenient for the user and also for the advocacy campaigner to open the website. The foible appears in smart phones which do not have an inbuilt scanner and the customer has to download an app for it; for this to happen the marketers have to play their role right. Also with so many varied online markets, there is no uniform bar code reader.


Ground steps in making your advocacy campaign

Answer the following questions to get a favorable end result for your campaign:

  • How can you use Q R codes in your campaign
  • What content would you like to link to your QR code
  • Which service would you prefer to use for your QR code
  • Where would you place your QR codes
  • Are they retrievable enough by people
  • Do they have easy access to your website
  • Does your QR code also track the number of people scanning the code

With so many things to consider, it’s best to be prudent before linking your website to the QR codes. In order to derive maximum benefit out of the whole campaign, make well informed decisions and then take a call.


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