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Twitter Building Gardening Knowledge

Technology has taken much of the guesswork out of gardening. You can simply search for information about how to care for a certain plant and read countless articles online about how to garden.

Twitter Building Gardening Knowledge

You can also follow numerous great garden experts on Twitter. These gardeners have taught me everything from how to keep deer out of my garden to how to grow vegetables in raised beds. Here are my picks for the best gardeners on Twitter


Seven Gardeners You Should Follow on Twitter

Learn From a Pro with @GardenWiseInc

Fans of HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” will want to follow J. Mark White @GardenWiseInc. As the principal of Garden Wise Inc., White boasts a multitude of professional skills and doles out invaluable advice to his followers every day. He’s known for his creative visions and practical knowledge on a variety of landscaping projects, from sprawling gardens in the country to tiny rooftop gardens in the city.


Design an Interior Garden Room with @susancohan

Susan Cohan is an award-winner designer of landscapes and interior garden rooms. This former fashion designer blogs about her gardening experiences and also acts as the membership chair for the international board of directors for the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. Follow her for expert advice on your garden @susancohan.


Learn from a Landscaper with @MulchMaven

Jenny Peterson owns a landscaping business in Austin, Texas, and brings all her knowledge about gardening to her Twitter account @MulchMaven. One of the unique things about Peterson is her knowledge of ecosystems. She goes beyond simple plant selection to understanding the very core of plant habitats. She’s also well known for her beautiful landscape designs, which she blogs about on


Laugh Out Loud with @kissmyaster

Amanda Thomsen is one of the funnier garden bloggers on the Internet. Her work for Horticulture Magazine and has earned her a reputation as a passionate gardener with a great sense of humor. She’s given me advice on everything from how to keep deer out of my garden to what plants do well in part sun to how to trap a skunk. Follow her @kissmyaster.


Learn about Urban Gardening With @CanarsieBK

Mike Lieberman is an expert in growing an organic garden in a city setting, making him one of the top people to follow on Twitter if you’re interested in urban gardening. He’s also passionate about going green and living a more simple life. You’ll find numerous practical tips from Lieberman when you follow him @CanarsieBK.


Make Gardening a Lifestyle With @getinthegarden

Lisa Gustavson believes that gardening is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. You’ll find information on this philosophy on her blog and by following her @getinthegarden. She’s known for growing numerous types of unique vegetables and showing you how to use them.


Learn about Organic Gardening With @Arcadia1

Christine Salwitz is a gardening coach dedicated to teaching others about the benefits and importance of organic gardening. By following her @Arcadia1, you’ll find tips on everything from choosing the right organic deer repellants to curing plant diseases without harmful chemicals.


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