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How To Choose Domain Name For Your Website

Choosing a domain name for your website is one of the most crucial parts to its success. The domain name plays a key role in determining the profile of your business, as well as the accessibility to your site.

You will need to find something catchy, easily remembered and which does not breach any existing trademarks of other businesses.


Choosing Domain For Your Website Tips And Tricks


Choosing Domain For Your Website Tips And Tricks

Do-Summarize your business for Domain Name

Begin by thinking about keywords which relate to your business. In many cases, the business name itself will suffice, but it is also important that your domain name gives some information about what it is that your business does.


Do-Make it memorable

Whether you decide to go with your business name or not, be sure to choose a domain name which is short, snappy and easy to type.


Do-Gather Intel from your competitors

It can be helpful to look at the domain names chosen by competitors, considering which the more successful websites are and which see the highest amounts of traffic. There are a number of tools available online which can help you learn about the activity on competitor’s web pages.


Do-Consider search engine optimization

As well as choosing a domain which is easily recognizable and can be remembered and relayed with the utmost simplicity, it is important that your site is reachable via online search engines. Look at the available research into what makes a site more likely to appear in the most commonly related searches and apply the information gathered to your decision.


Do-Consider extensions

It is probably worth paying that little bit more for popular extensions. While you are likely to find cheap or even free domain names with less well known extensions (.tk etc) it will be worth your while in the long run to pay for a more ubiquitous extension ( or .com).

Bear in mind whether your site is intended for international use. Whilst a UK domain name might seem suitable for a UK business, those searching abroad are less likely to have your site returned by a seemingly closely related search. A more generic commercial extension is likely to be more productive if your business operates worldwide, or hopes to do so in the future.


Finally, be sure that the decisions you make are long term. What is a great domain name today may not be in years to come, as your business changes with time. Consider possible changes to the way your business operates and be sure that the domain you choose leaves your options wide open to the implementation of such changes.


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    I think when it comes to choosing a domain name, originality is probably the most important attribute, you want it to be something memorable of course, but if its unique, then it’ll make it easier for people to internalize.

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