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Why blogger is better than WordPress?

Blogger has been one of the most well-known Blogging platform used in the past few years and one of the most typical query from new blogger’s is Why Blogger is better than WordPress?.

Blogging is one of the most convenient way to generate income from home. However, for most newbie bloggers and those who don’t like to pay for their weblog, the option depends upon one of two options:

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress

These two solutions have become associated nowadays with the blogging trend, creating up a massive percentage of the Internet ’s most well-known blogs. As a result, there has been a bit of debate over which assistance is better.

Why blogger is better than WordPress?

Though creating blog seems to be challenging but it’s quite simple and there are a multitude of choices available in the industry, which range from the primary blog configurations of the social networks to the self-hosted open sources software solutions. Let’s discuss something about Why blogger is better?


Why blogger is better

Plug and Play feature

Blogger is truly a plug and play design for new bloggers. Registering takes only a few moments, enabling customers to use Google account and asking only for a few primary items of information such as blog headline and information.

From there, blogs can be created with a few mouse clicks, instantly. For newbie, Blogger is the best choice when it comes to convenience of use.


User Preference

Because Blogger is the first choice for many new blog writers, it is also among the biggest blogging systems on the globe. The incredible numbers of blogs already designed in Blogger are employed to the new participant as well because of how Google has incorporated their Search Functionality into the website.

Not only can guests search for Blogger blogs via the search bar at the top of the website, they can click on “random” or “next blog” to check out a different Blogger blog. This improves your visibility by straight linking you with current blogs. And if you choose to cover up this function, you can do that too in Blogger.


Adherence to Google Standards

Whether it is because of the weblink with Google or because of the actual number of Blog writer weblogs, your content will be listed in the Google search much faster with Blog writer. Usually within a few time of publishing your latest web page will appear, enabling you to get the most visitors as easily as possible.

This is especially essential as most weblogs endeavor to discuss the latest and most appropriate information as it smashes. If that information does not catalog for two times, it will already be old when individuals begin to study your content.


Support of Google Search Engine

Along the same collections, Blogger has the support of the biggest and most highly effective Online Organization on the globe. For some this might seem like a bad idea, but it indicates the most cash and growth time can be placed into developing new functions for Blog writer that WordPress may need to wait for.

Traditionally, functions such as icons, add-ons, and layouts have been improved first by Blog writer. WordPress platforms are usually a phase or two behind the bend. For the best functions as they are designed, Blog writer is the champion.


Blogger is Better Or WordPress is Better?

These are the best basic features about blogger with which we can say that Blogger Is Better Than WordPress. And I am sure that you will have your own experience with blogger as well as with WordPress and some questions or queries why Blogger Is Better Than WordPress?. Please share it all and make it easy for other new blogger to select their platform and understand blogger is better or WordPress is Better.

Blogger review WordPress

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