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Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugins

If you own a business, it is very important for you to maintain a website and design newsletters for your customers that you send to them on monthly or weekly basis. WordPress has plenty of free newsletter plugins and this article presents you with some of the popular free plugins.

Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugins


Top 5 WordPress Newsletter Plugins 2013

Newsletter WordPress Plugin

It is another free plugin for newsletters and provides an easy way to get the list of newsletter subscribers for your website.

  • It provide both double or single opt-in subscriptions and various options along with potential to entirely personalize what user will observe when the unsubscribe or subscribe to your website.
  • There is also a text editor allowed which provides admin the option to design custom newsletters which they can personalize along with name of subscribers.

Download Newsletter WordPress Plugin



Mailpress is a popular free newsletter plugin which provides plenty of interesting features and it can be downloaded free of cost from WordPress plugins website.

  • It was created initially such that admins will be able to personalize the appearance of emails which are sent through the WordPress blog.
  • There are many add-ons available for this plugin and allows admins to customize the appearance of email notifications, form signups, different mailing lists, auto responders etc.
  • The plugin also provides additional functions like sendmail, video uploads, phpmail, user capabilities and roles, image uploads etc.

It is one of the best free plugin available for WordPress, but one problem is that you must be manually update it every time in order to avoid any customizations which you have created for it.

Download MailPress WordPress Plugin



Mailchimp is very good newsletter plugin which allows you to create a newsletter subscription form and make it operation.

  • It is a very simple plugin in WordPress which helps you with email marketing of newsletters.
  • You can instantly create the newsletter subscription form and you can add this to your WordPress sidebar through a widget.
  • There are plenty of interesting features and provides free services for mailing lists which has less than five hundred subscribers.
  • Apart from that other benefits includes intuitive user interface, competitive pricing and complete personalization of newsletter.

Download MailChimp WordPress Plugin


Subscribers Magnet

This is also a popular plugin for newsletter subscription and allows you to customize the newsletter subscription form based on the appearance of your WordPress blog or website.

  • You can add forms to the sidebar in WordPress, inside the comments section or inside pages and posts.
  • The main advantage of the WordPress plugin is that it could be helpful in obtaining the email and name of subscribers in the newsletter subscription form automatically based on user’s login information.
  • Other added benefits include popin forms, custom footer signup form, double option capability etc.
  • You can also limit the appearance of forms to the user in this plugin.

Download Subscribers Magnet WordPress Plugin


ALO EasyMail Newsletter

If you want to reduce the email marketing and send custom HTL newsletters for subscribers and registers users in your website, you can make use of ALO Easymail newsletter plugin.

  • It can send the newsletters automatically through WP Cron at scheduled time intervals.
  • It can also help in preventing email delivery failure which will happen when emails are sent as bulk to plenty of subscribers.
  • The other interesting features include subscriber imports, mailing list management, roles assignment, auto-responders, newsletter reports and multiple language support etc.

Download ALO EasyMail Newsletter WordPress Plugin

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