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To Kindle or Not to Kindle? A Bookworm’s Dilemma!

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the Kindle is probably the most sought after device by every bookworm in this world. Beautifully designed and lightweight as it is, it makes such a delight to stash one quickly in a bag and enjoy a good book anywhere on the go.

However, with so many tablets on the block, and Kindle Apps development, people find it to be a tough choice to make.

Kindle or Not to Kindle

The thing is, no matter what you take, there are always going to be a few shortcomings. The best way to deal with this kind of a trouble is to take a well informed decision so that you know exactly how to go about the situation. Let us look at the features that make kindle an obvious choice:


Features that make kindle an obvious choice


Kindle is an absolute joy to hold in your hands. When I first held it, I couldn’t believe how compact yet sturdy this gadget was. Kindle is much thinner and smaller than the other babies in the market which makes it a sure winner. It weighs less than 6 ounces and is thin as a pencil.

Its dimensions are 6.5″ x 4.5″. You can just slip it into your everyday purse and it’ll not even take any space inside it. This little boy can store up to 1400 eBooks. What more can you possibly want!?

Kindle Wi-Fi

The New Amazon Kindle created ripples of excitement in the industry because it has a built in Wi Fi connectivity. This enables the people to download eBooks much faster.

So while you simply need to find a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi, order your favourite cuppa and sit back reading your favourite book, while your other favourite is being downloaded.

Vision Modes

It is important that your reading experience is a pleasant one. Harsh backlights can strain your eyes and ruin your mood to relax and read.

This is why the Kindle has multiple modes that you can opt for while reading. It offers the standard black and white reading light and a sepia mode which is lightly browned. The corner of the page also features a light dimmer which you can pull up or down to suit your vision.


All avid readers have favourite fonts. And favourite font sizes. If it bothers you too much, do not worry. Amazon Kindle enables you to adjust the font size and shape to your comfort. I guess it surely gives customization a whole new meaning.


Reading a difficult book? Don’t know the meaning of a word. Well, Kindle understands. It has a built in dictionary that allows you to long press the particular word you want to look up. When you do that, the meaning of the word appears in a speech bubble.


The Kindle Cons

Ah! A world without worries! Who wouldn’t want that, but unfortunately, nothing really has ‘no problem’, at all. So like in everything else, Amazon Kindle does have a few intrinsic flaws.

The almost shocking drawback of the Kindle is that it is not Backlit. This means, you can’t really read it in the dark. Although you could read one under a book light, but, you get the picture.

The older version of Kindle is kind of boring. You can’t surf any sites, all the features are button operated and not simulate by touch and other such features. However, the latest versions are said to be much better.

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